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Our Programs

School breakfast programs run from September to the end of June when schools start their summer vacation.

Ever wondered what happens to those hungry kids who depend on those school breakfasts for their nutrition, often times the only meal they will have during the day?

We did wonder and we are doing something about it.

In 2002 we started our Summer Breakfast Program helping to feed hungry children on a daily basis Mondays to Fridays in July and August.

With less than $1.60 per meal we ensure each hungry child attending our Summer Program receives a balanced, nutritious meal.

We didn’t stop with the Summer Program. After consulting with teachers and people in the educational field, we learned of the ever-increasing number of children who go to school hungry and their struggle with hunger.

More children than we could ever imagine are not only going to school hungry, they are also not able to take advantage of school breakfast programs (if offered in the school they attend), don’t bring a drink, lunch or snack to school either!

We started our A Snack at a Time program which sees us providing healthy snacks of yogurt, fruits, cheese, crackers, orange and apple juice to teachers who have a “special cupboard” children have learned to go to for help.

We all had, at one time or another and for one reason or another, an experience of being hungry.  We have all tried to “diet” or worked too long before we felt that annoying pang in our bellies…can you imagine feeling hungry all the time?

Well, the children we help don’t feel hungry; they ARE hungry all the time.
In 2018 our Nutrition 101, Salad Days launched at Lancaster Public School in Malton.

Children are taught (once monthly) how to make nutritious salads and have them for their lunch that day.

At Christmas time children of financially stressed families often don’t see Santa leaving them a toy nor do the families have the chance to partake in the magical celebrations of the Season.

Thirty One years ago our “A Morning with Santa” Christmas Breakfasts started and we have been giving thousands of families the celebration most of us often take for granted ever since then.

A morning designed with the children and their families in mind brings them memories to last a lifetime. A wonderful hot breakfast, carolers, colouring books, crayons, happy elves, a magical puppet show, Santa’s Den, decorations, candy canes, homemade Christmas crackers and a visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus who ever so happily give each child a treasure to take home…a wonderful and beautifully wrapped present!

Our Board of Directors

Maria de Fátima Esteves President & Founder
Susan Prophet Vice President
Alfreda Zaher Secretary
Samir Zaher Treasurer
Seny Da Silva Executive Assistant
Henry Esteves Safety and Transportation Director
Imran Hassan Director
Ann Boyd Director
Tenci Leite Director
Teresa DeLuca Director Present Distribution