Message from the President & Founder

At these unprecedented times it is important to balance urgency and to resist the urge to panic.

The ripple effect of Covid19 is and will continue to be felt by charities and non-profits for some time to come with revenues significantly being impacted.

Our “new normal’ requires us to find alternatives to secure funding while keeping our volunteers as well as the children (and families) we help safe.

Unfortunately an extraordinary number of Canadians are being personally affected from layoffs, reductions in income and the uncertainty of having a job to return to.

More and more families are finding they have now become food insecure thus our expectation the increase number of hungry children in schools will rise dramatically.

Unfortunately with the pressure to earn funds to be able to reach as many hungry children in need of our programs as humanly possible, another ripple effect falls upon us – more pressure.

I want to assure each and every one of our partners in the community, sponsors, donors, supporters and volunteers we will do our utmost to continue to forge ahead with our commitment to feed hungry children in our community.

Already adapting and seeking to augment existing revenue channels, we shall do so with empathy and sensitivity.

Now, more than ever, our Vision & Mandate stand engraved in our hearts:

To be a portal of hope to the enhancement to a child’s quality of life while

Offering nutritional solutions to childhood hunger and life skills programming.

These are challenging times but with your help, together, we will suffice.

Stay safe.  Stay well. Stay tuned.

Thank you.

Maria de Fátima Esteves