To be a portal of hope to the enhancement of a child's quality of life.


We positively impact the lives of children in distress in our community.


We offer nutritional solutions to childhood hunger and provide life skills programming.


I get asked a lot “Why did you start Breakfast With Santa Foundation”?
Founder, Maria de Fatima Esteves
Breakfast With Santa Foundation Founder, Maria Esteves

I find myself talking about (and I can talk!) how there are so many families in need and how their children are missing out on so many things most of us take for granted…but, really, when I really think about the question it has a very simple answer.  I wanted to give children and their families who couldn’t afford much, the joy I have always experienced at Christmas time.  I love Christmas and my heart always ached every time I thought of the sadness children were going through when Santa didn’t visit them Christmas, after Christmas.

As the years passed by the more I learned of the plight a lot of families in our communities have.  I was horrified at the thought there are so many hungry children and the fact they go to school hungry, no lunch, no snacks and no drinks!

What about the summer months?  During the school year there are some schools offering breakfast but what about the summer?  I started another program – our Maggie Steacy Summer Breakfast Program.

We feed the children who depend on school breakfast programs during the school year in July and August. Nutrition is the word when it comes to our breakfasts.

This program is named after my dear, dear friend who was (she is no longer with us) such a help to me and believed so fiercely in my vision. 

I learned, from talking with school officials and professionals, children often become aggressive because they are hungry.

At one of the schools we work with a teacher started buying breakfast bars to give to children who were hungry.  Although the hunger pain was dealt with, it was a band aid for a couple of hours – the problem was not being addressed really.

I started our “A snack at a Time” feeding hungry children who come to school with no breakfast and don’t bring anything to eat for during the day.

I guess you can say It All Started When I realized how many children go without in so many ways in our communities.

The Board of Directors

Founder, Maria de Fatima Esteves

Maria Esteves, Founder

Her passion for children and Christmas started the journey to help even more and she founded, with the loving support of her husband Henry and their daughter Silvie, the all volunteer run, non-profit charity Breakfast With Santa Foundation. (Click photo for Maria's Bio)


Alfreda Zaher, Secretary

Alfreda has been volunteering with Breakfast With Santa Foundation for over 13 years. Every year she helps to wrap hundreds of gifts and makes 600 Christmas Crackers for the boys and girls who will attend one of the four ‘A Morning With Santa’ Breakfasts. (Click photo for Alfreda's Bio)


Samir Zaher, Treasurer

He volunteered at the Mississauga Food Bank and has recently become more involved with Breakfast With Santa Foundation, currently on the Board of Directors as Treasurer, and honoured for being a part of this worthy Foundation. (Click photo for Samir's Bio)