Samir Zaher

Treasurer, Samir Zaher

Samir Zaher was born in Haifa, Palestine in 1944 and in 1948 it became Israel.  He attended College de Frere School and learned four languages, including English.  He worked as a Fitter Welder for a few years before immigrating to Canada in 1967.

One year after arriving in Canada, along with some friends, started a club called Eastern Catholic Youth Organization (ECYO), of which he became the Treasurer and that is where he met his wife Alfreda.  They organized dances, parties and outings.  This club was held at St. Michael’s Cathedral Hall in Toronto.

In Canada, Samir worked as a Machine Fitter (building custom made machines) for a number of years, then switched to Industrial Mechanic with General Motors, until they closed and moved to the United States.  His next employment was with Visteon (Ford Electronics) also as an Industrial Mechanic, until they closed and moved to Mexico in 2002.

In 1982 Samir opened the first Bulk, Health & Middle Eastern Food Store in Mississauga…”The Bulk Masters”.  The Bulk Masters was unique because Samir designed the plastic bins, their stands and shelving.  His wife Alfreda managed the store during the day and Samir and his Brother alternated evenings every two weeks, as he was still employed with G.M.  After 5 years, this successful business was sold and lasted for another 15 years.

In 1998 Samir opened Fine Details, a Car Detailing shop in Oakville, sold it 4 years later and it is still a thriving business today.

After retirement, Samir drove a school bus for a few years, doing school runs as needed, but was classified as a Charter Driver, until he decided a few years ago, that he was going to retire once again.

To keep himself busy, he volunteered at the Mississauga Food Bank and has recently become more involved with Breakfast With Santa Foundation, currently on the Board of Directors as Treasurer, and honoured for being a part of this worthy Foundation.

Samir’s interests and hobbies are spending time with the Grandkids, cooking, fishing, travelling, taking on various challenges (He made the Fireplace that Santa sits by, at ‘A Morning With Santa”.  He is known as the “Sam of all trades”, as he is often called upon by friends and relatives to ‘fix their problems’.