Breakfast with Santa Foundation

Breakfast with Santa Foundation

Offering nutritional solutions to childhood hunger and life skills programming.

Breakfast With Santa Foundation

Nutritious Meals & Snacks Served in 2017

Passionate Volunteers

We are proudly 100% volunteer run. It's amazing community members like you who make our programs run so efficiently.

Year Round Programs

Thanks to our incredible volunteers, generous supporters, and corporate partners we are able to serve our community all year long.

Supporters & Partners

None of this would be possible without our generous supporters and corporate partners.

Breakfast Can Change The World

The Breakfast With Santa Foundation is a non-profit charity founded by Maria Esteves over 25 years ago. Operated by a dedicated group of volunteers, 100% of donations go directly to the cause, impacting the lives of thousands of children each year. While the foundation is very privileged to have some excellent partnerships, each year there is always more need and less money.

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Corporate Partners

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